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Art by Robin Fisher


Zaly Belle

As long as I can remember, I have been drawing. I wrote and illustrated my first book at age seven about Pigs, but unfortunately it was not a Bestseller.

I owe my art interest to my mom and to my sister who provided tips and tricks.

My preferred medium is graphite, with a dab of Pastel, Charcoal, and Pen,

then add a little Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor.


I draw what I know best - rural life, kids being kids, animals being animals - depicting unique perspectives that hopefully result in smiles or fond memories.

I am located in small town Iowa, which as you peruse my art, you will see has been an influence (see Book about Pigs in previous paragraph...) I received my Art Ed Degree from Iowa Wesleyan College with a Masters from Life itself.

Custom Orders are welcome. I sell Original Work, and have Prints

available of most Art depicted.  Please enjoy.

Lean on Me_edited_edited
Snips and Snails
Young Old Thresher
IMG_9083 (1)
Prop me up on my Leaning Side
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